The reality is that heart wrenching events happen every day. That average Joe in the coffee shop might have lost his mother and that sad lady you see every morning on the subway may have lost her daughter. The lives of people are interconnected by a long string of heartbreak. When a phone rings in a grocery store, that person may be receiving life altering news. You hope and pray for happiness, for more days where everyone is alive and healthy. You can’t do anything but move forward with your own life and realize that everyone has their own struggles.


I want to kiss you but I also want to light you on fire at the same time

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you know that feeling when nothing’s wrong but nothing’s right either

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Average size mannequin with average size woman.

The problem, in one picture.

I never realized until seeing this picture that my interpretation of an average size woman has become REALLY SKEWED oh my god I wanna cry

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who am i shaving for


I’m crying oh my fucking god

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The only dating advice I have to offer is: Expect the guys in your life to be kind and respectful. Don’t make excuses for garbagey behavior—”Oh, that’s just what guys are like.” It isn’t true. Expect them to be good, treat them like they’re good. And if they’re garbagey, move on. Don’t let your world get cluttered up with people who think they have some gender-based right to be awful.
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